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From Glory To Glory By Wallace Thornton, Jr.     Counterpoint - Keith Drury, Richard S. Taylor, Kenneth J. Collins & Wallace Thornton, Jr.    Why_Standards-_Cover_for_Kindle

In addition to Radical Righteousness, other resources dealing with doctrines and practices in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition include –

From Glory to Glory: A Brief Summary of Holiness Beliefs and Practices (Schmul Publishing Company, 2001), written by Wallace Thornton, Jr.  This booklet provides an overview of the traditional commitments of Christians committed to the Wesleyan-Holiness theological persuasion, including the emphasis on entire sanctification and the sanctified life.  Check for availability with the publisher.  Dr. Leonard Sankey, General Secretary of the Inter-church Holiness Convention wrote in the Foreword, “I am most happy to commend this book to the use of the holiness people and churches in particular, but also to any honest-hearted, open-minded person who wants to know more about the background of the holiness movement, and the historical precedents and scriptural foundation upon which our beliefs rest.”

Counterpoint: Dialogue with Drury on the Holiness Movement Editor D. Curtis Hale (Schmul Publishing Co., 2005).  Contributors include Keith Drury, Kenneth J. Collins, Larry D. Smith, Richard S. Taylor, and Wallace Thornton, Jr.  Check for availability with the publisher.   See also the follow-up booklet by Wallace Thornton, Jr.—The Heart of the Matter: A Response to Dr. Kenneth Collins’ Critique of “Holiness or Hubris?”  

Why Standards? Exploring the Connection Between Heart and Life (40 pages, paperback) continues this author’s interaction with the work of Dr. Keith Drury concerning the health of the Holiness Movement.  It focuses on the relationship between the content and form of holiness as illustrated through a particular facet of the biblical analogy of the body for the Christ-filled life.  This booklet may be purchased HERE.  

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