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When the Fire Fell: Martin Wells Knapp's Vision of Pentecost and the Beginning of God's Bible SchoolRadical RighteousnessCover for The Conservative Holiness Movement

From Aldersgate to Azusa Street 









When the Fire Fell: Martin Wells Knapp’s Vision of Pentecost and the Beginnings of God’s Bible School in The Asbury Theological Seminary Series in World Christian Revitalization Movements in Pietist/Wesleyan Studies (341 pages, paperback) provides a multi-faceted historical study of the founder of God’s Bible School and the school’s formative years, underscoring theological and cultural developments.  This book may be purchased HERE.

Radical Righteousness: Personal Ethics and the Development of the Holiness Movement (343 pages,  paperback) traces various emphases regarding behavioral standards throughout church history, particularly in the Wesleyan tradition, including stewardship, submission, and separation.  It focuses on the mid-twentieth century development of what is commonly referred to as the Conservative Holiness Movement.  This book may be purchased HERE.

The Conservative Holiness Movement: A Historical Appraisal (59 pages, paperback) presents a germinal essay on the formation of this religious tradition,  bringing into focus the underlying rationale of the conservative position and evaluating its relationship to early Wesleyan-Holiness ethical emphases. An Afterword shares additional reflections refined in light of  continued research into the movement’s history.  This booklet may be purchased HERE.  It is also available as an e-book HERE.

God’s Trustee: Martin Wells Knapp and Radical Holiness,” Chapter 13 in From Aldersgate to Azusa Street: Wesleyan, Holiness, and Pentecostal Visions of the New Creation Editor Henry H. Knight III (Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publications, 2010), 148-157.  Check for availability with the publisher.

Reckoning with Babylon: G. T. Bustin and Radical Holiness Interaction with Roman Catholicism,” Chapter 12 in The Radical Holiness Movement in the Christian Tradition: A Festschrift for Larry D. Smith  Edited by William Kostlevy and Wallace Thornton, Jr. (Lexington, KY: Emeth Press, 2015), 149-165.  Check for availability HERE.

Several articles, including those on the “Interchurch Holiness Convention” and “Sweet Radical Holiness” in the Historical Dictionary of the Holiness Movement  Editor William C. Kostlevy  Second Edition (Lanham, MD: The Scarecrow Press, 2009).  Check for availability with the publisher.  (This book has also been published as a paperback and an e-book under the title The A to Z of the Holiness Movement.  Check for availability HERE).

The Revivalist Movement and the Development of a Holiness/Pentecostal Philosophy of Missions.” Wesleyan Theological Journal 38 no. 1 (Spring 2003), 160-186.  This is available courtesy of Northwest Nazarene University at Wesley Center Online.

Lightning from the Past: Camp Meeting Sermons by Early Twentieth-Century Holiness Revivalists  Compiled and Edited by Wallace Thornton, Jr. (Schmul Publishing Co., 2001), described by Dr. William Kostlevy as “a collection of rare sermons by the great evangelists of the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century Holiness revival” in the Wesleyan/Holiness Studies Center Bulletin (Vol. 10 No. 2 Winter 2002).  Includes sermons from Beverly Carradine, J. B. Chapman, W. B. Godbey, Bud Robinson, Daniel Steele, et. al. with a biographical introduction of each evangelist by the editor.  Check for availability with the publisher.

Sons of Thunder: Camp Meeting Sermons by Post-World War II Holiness Revivalists Compiled and Edited by Wallace Thornton, Jr.  (Schmul Publishing Co., 1999).  In the Wesleyan/Holiness Studies Center Bulletin (Vol. 10 No. 2 Winter 2002), Dr. William Kostlevy wrote that he considers this “the most significant collection of writings from the key male evangelists of the Conservative Holiness Movement.”  Includes sermons from Bona Fleming, U. E. Harding, Warren C. McIntire, Joshua Stauffer, Wallace Thornton, Sr., et. al. with a biographical introduction of each evangelist by the editor.  Check for availability with the publisher.

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