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Why Standards? Exploring the Connection Between Heart and Life

If you enjoyed the conversation presented in the book Counterpoint: Dialogue with Drury on the Holiness Movement, you will want to read this booklet.  Here Wallace Thornton, Jr. continues to interact withWhy_Standards-_Cover_for_Kindle the work of Dr. Keith Drury, attempting to be both fair and biblical, recognizing at once the benefits of Dr. Drury’s candor and of the insistence on Scriptural separation that proves foundational to the identity of the Conservative Holiness Movement. At the same time, this essay acknowledges shortcomings of both the “mainline” Holiness Movement and its radical or “conservative” counterpart. The product is an extended metaphor for holiness ethics drawing on the biblical analogy of the human body for the Christ-filled life—both in the individual saint and in the corporate Church. It is the author’s hope that this brief exploration will prompt renewed appreciation and application of biblical lifestyle standards deeply rooted within hearts purified by the abiding Holy Spirit. Only such a connection between heart and life will serve to satisfy the question, “Why standards?”

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No purchases on the Lord’s Day, please (Exodus 20:8-11).

“Our people need this!” – the late Dr. Gene Hood, New Palestine, Indiana

“Thornton’s essay is a very helpful exercise … concerning the relationship between ‘holiness of life’ and ‘holiness of heart.’  The result is a clear and thoughtful statement about the place of lifestyle standards.” – Dr. Stephen J. Lennox, President, Kingswood University

“For the answer to ‘Why Standards?,’ read this book for a wonderful, profitable understanding of the critical connection between content and form of holiness, to wit, of heart and life; beautifully illustrated with the unique analogy of heart and skin.  Every chapter, paragraph, sentence and word is inspirational and written unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith and will redound to the glory of God and to your benefit.” – J. George Lawrence, M. D., Author of Sovereign Scriptural Segues

The essay which primarily comprises this booklet first appeared as “It’s Not Just Wrapping—It’s Skin: A Reflection on the Work of Keith Drury and the Relevance of Faith to Lifestyle,” Chapter 4 in Call Me Coach: A Festschrift in Honor of Keith W. Drury (Marion, IN: Stephen J. Lennox, 2013), 89-127 and has been republished with permission.

Copyright © 2015 by Wallace Thornton, Jr.  All Rights Reserved.