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Cover for The Conservative Holiness MovementThe Conservative Holiness Movement: A Historical Appraisal (59 pages, paperback) presents a germinal essay on the formation of this religious tradition,  bringing into focus the underlying rationale of the conservative position and evaluating its relationship to early Wesleyan-Holiness ethical emphases. An Afterword shares additional reflections refined in light of  continued research into the movement’s history.  This booklet may be purchased HERE.  It is also available as an e-book HERE.


Why_Standards-_Cover_for_KindleWhy Standards? Exploring the Connection Between Heart and Life (40 pages, paperback) continues this author’s interaction with the work of Dr. Keith Drury concerning the health of the Holiness Movement.  It focuses on the relationship between the content and form of holiness as illustrated through a particular facet of the biblical analogy of the body for the Christ-filled life.  This booklet may be purchased HERE.



Patterns to Ponder from Bible Characters (119 pages, paperback) presents twenty-six expositions of Bible characters and narratives formed from their lives, providing  devotional encouragement,  everyday application, and fresh ideas for sermons or lessons.  This book may be purchased HERE.  It is also available as an e-book here.


A 31 Day Devotional from the Life of Gideon

Mighty Man of Valour (124 pages, paperback) provides a one-month devotional tour of Gideon’s life    bringing to light principles relevant for spiritual warriors today.  These truths prove essential for personal spiritual victory as well as for successful  Christian leadership.  This book may be purchased HERE.  It is also available as an e-book here.


Walking_on_Water_CoverWalking on Water and Other Insights from the Life of Simon Peter (20 pages, paperback) distills in four brief chapters principles from the life of one of Christ’s most beloved disciples, following a devotional-expositional approach similar to that used in Patterns to Ponder and Mighty Man of Valour.  This booklet may be purchased HERE.  


Resources by Wallace Thornton, Jr. available from other publishers


When the Fire Fell: Martin Wells Knapp's Vision of Pentecost and the Beginning of God's Bible SchoolWhen the Fire Fell: Martin Wells Knapp’s Vision of Pentecost and the Beginnings of God’s Bible School in The Asbury Theological Seminary Series in World Christian Revitalization Movements in Pietist/Wesleyan Studies (341 pages, paperback) provides a multi-faceted historical study of the founder of God’s Bible School and the school’s formative years, underscoring theological and cultural developments.  This book may be purchased HERE.


Radical RighteousnessRadical Righteousness: Personal Ethics and the Development of the Holiness Movement (343 pages,  paperback) traces various emphases regarding behavioral standards throughout church history, particularly in the Wesleyan tradition, including stewardship, submission, and separation.  It focuses on the mid-twentieth century development of what is commonly referred to as the Conservative Holiness Movement.  This book may be purchased HERE.


From Glory To Glory By Wallace Thornton, Jr.

From Glory to Glory: A Brief Summary of Holiness Beliefs and Practices (38 pages, paperback) provides an overview of the traditional commitments of Christians committed to the Wesleyan/Holiness theological persuasion, including the emphasis on entire sanctification and the sanctified life.  This booklet may be purchased HERE.


Sons Of Thunder By Wallace Thornton, Jr.Sons of Thunder: Camp Meeting Sermons by Post-World War II Holiness Revivalists (235 pages, paperback) includes sermons from Bona Fleming, U. E. Harding, Warren C. McIntire, Joshua Stauffer, Wallace Thornton, Sr., et. al. with a biographical introduction of each evangelist.  This book may be purchased HERE.



Lightning From The Past By Wallace Thornton, Jr.Lightning from the Past: Camp Meeting Sermons by Early Twentieth-Century Holiness Revivalists (222 pages, paperback) includes sermons from Beverly Carradine, J. B. Chapman, W. B. Godbey, Bud Robinson, Daniel Steele, et. al. with a biographical introduction of each evangelist.  This book may be purchased HERE.



Additional resources with contributions by Wallace Thornton, Jr.


From Aldersgate to Azusa StreetFrom Aldersgate to Azusa Street: Wesleyan, Holiness, and Pentecostal Visions of the New Creation  Edited by Henry H. Knight III (371 pages, paperback) includes biographies of numerous representatives of various traditions tracing their roots to the Wesleyan revival.  This book may be purchased HERE.



Counterpoint - Keith Drury, Richard S. Taylor, Kenneth J. Collins & Wallace Thornton, Jr.

Counterpoint: Dialogue with Drury on the Holiness Movement Editor D. Curtis Hale (166 pages, paperback).  Contributors include Keith Drury, Kenneth J. Collins, Larry D. Smith, Richard S. Taylor, and Wallace Thornton, Jr.  This book presents reflections on Dr. Drury’s essay “The Holiness Movement is Dead.”  See also the follow-up booklet by Wallace Thornton, Jr.—The Heart of the Matter: A Response to Dr. Kenneth Collins’ Critique of “Holiness or Hubris?”  (14 pages, paperback).  This book may be purchased HERE.


Call Me Coach: A Festschrift in Honor of Keith Drury on His Retirement from Full-Time Ministry  Edited by Stephen J. Lennox and Kenneth L. Schenck (334 pages, paperback).  Issues raised in Counterpoint receive additional examination by Wallace Thornton, Jr. in Chapter Four, “It’s Not Just Wrapping—It’s Skin: A Reflection on the Work of Keith Drury and the Relevance of Faith to Lifestyle,” pp. 89-129. This book may be purchased HERE.


Historical Dictionary of the Holiness Movement  Edited by William Kostlevy (365 pages, hardback).  Includes articles on several of the pioneer leaders of the Conservative Holiness Movement.  This book may be purchased HERE.  (This book has also been published as a paperback and an e-book under the title The A to Z of the Holiness Movement.  Check for availability here).



The Radical Holiness Movement in the Christian Tradition: A Festschrift for Larry D. Smith  Edited by William Kostlevy and Wallace Thornton, Jr.  (167 pages, paperback).  This book of essays honors Larry D. Smith, known best for his remarkable twenty-year career as editor of “God’s Revivalist.”  These essays focus primarily on the Radical Holiness Movement of which “God’s Revivalist” and God’s Bible School have been a key center for almost 125 years, and its impact on World Christianity is inestimable.  Wallace Thornton, Jr. is the author of Chapter Twelve, “Reckoning with Babylon: G. T. Bustin and Radical Holiness Interaction with Roman Catholicism,” pp. 149-165.  This book may be purchased HERE.


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