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Wallace Thornton, Jr. is a minister, an educator, and a free-lance writer.  He earned the Master of Arts in Church History from Cincinnati Bible Seminary and holds undergraduate degrees in Bible and social science.  Mr. Thornton gratefully acknowledges his reliance upon and reception of the transforming grace of God through Christ Jesus promised in I Thessalonians 5:23-24 and desires to help others experience such grace.  Over twenty-five years ago, he surrendered to and embraced God’s call to ministry.  During the past two decades, this has led him to serve in various ministry capacities including Bible college instructor, pastor, and author/editor.  Among his special interests are church history, practical theology, and the relationship of Christianity and culture.  His writings include several articles in popular level and scholarly publications as well as his books Radical RighteousnessPatterns to Ponder from Bible CharactersMighty Man of Valour, and When the Fire Fell.  Mr. Thornton has taught church history at three colleges and presented papers at several conferences.  His pulpit ministry has included preaching in over a dozen denominations in addition to a ten year pastorate.  He and his wife Janice have four children-two daughters and two sons.  At present, he continues to engage in writing, preaching, and educational ministry.  You may contact Mr. Thornton HERE.

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When the Fire Fell: Martin Wells Knapp's Vision of Pentecost and the Beginning of God's Bible School THUMBNAIL_IMAGE A 31 Day Devotional from the Life of Gideon  Foxe Book Cover  Why_Standards-_Cover_for_Kindle Cover for The Conservative Holiness Movement Radical Righteousness

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